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Social-Emotional Skills Training

We provide a comprehensive curriculum of Social-Emotional Skills Training in a small group format. Through play-based activities, scenarios, social stories, and role-playing, children and adolescents will acquire essential cognitive, emotional, and behavioural skills to navigate day-to-day challenges and lead fulfilling lives.

Good Listener

Initially, our groups will focus on developing strong listening skills. Children and adolescents will be guided in respecting the current speaker, patiently waiting for their turn, actively listening to others, and celebrating each other's diversity.


We emphasise the importance of self-appreciation and valuing one's abilities. Participants will learn to recognise and address common cognitive biases, as well as how to offer positive affirmations for their behaviour and accomplishments.


Our program will also teach children and adolescents how to recognise and empathise with others' feelings and emotional states. They will learn to step into someone else's shoes to gain a deeper understanding of those around them.


In an era dominated by multitasking and short attention spans, our groups will learn the art of mindfulness. We will guide our groups in staying fully present in the current moment, understanding their thoughts and emotions, and ultimately fully participate in their lives.


Young people frequently encounter challenges in their daily lives, schoolwork, relationships, friendships, and aims. We will teach effective problem-solving skills that will empower them to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.


Our young participants will gain the ability to stand up for themselves and effectively address situations such as bullying and toxicity. Additionally, they'll learn how to take constructive action when they witness someone else experiencing bullying.

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More About our Groups

What is the age?

There are three different age groups participating in our Social-Emotional Skills Training, as children of different ages tend to have different interests, needs, and motivations. Those age groups are:

  • 8-11 years old

  • 11-14 years old

  • 14-17 years old

How many children?

Each group consists of 4-5 children and adolescents, ensuring a personalized learning experience. With limited spots available, if you believe this program could benefit your child or adolescent, secure your spot today.


We offer our Group Skills Training in different locations, including Leiden, The Hague, Utrecht, and Amsterdam.

How long?

Every Skills Training Session lasts for 2 hours.

How often?

The sessions will take place every Saturday for 8 consecutive weeks.

What is the cost?

The costs are:

In what language?

We currently offer our Skills Training only in English.


The starting dates that are still open for registration can be found in the calendar below.

Which children

We welcome and strive to embrace children from diverse ethnic backgrounds, various gender identities, and a wide range of educational experiences, among other factors. At the same time, to ensure the smooth operation of the group, we expect that participating children or adolescents have an adequate level of English, are capable of following the group's rules, and do not exhibit challenging behaviours such as aggression or property destruction.

How about the parents?

Parents will receive comprehensive brochures with detailed information about the program, including the specific skills trained and a breakdown of the weekly exercises. These brochures are designed to keep you well-informed and engaged in your child or adolescent's learning journey.

How to reserve a place?

Feel free to contact us using the form below, and we are happy to give you access to our calendar and booking system to reserve a spot.

Inquire about our groups and their availability

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