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Autism Therapy

Research suggests that over 20% of children face developmental challenges, such as autism and ADHD, along with behavioral issues (e.g., school-related problems, self-injurious behaviors, aggression, and difficulties in cooperation).


You and your child are not alone in this journey. Our team of qualified child psychologists brings years of experience in delivering effective therapy to expat or Dutch children, adolescents, and their families facing similar struggles.


For children who:

  • Are primarily in the autism spectrum

  • Are young (i.e., up to 10 years old)

  • Are delayed in their language, daily living skills (e.g., dressing, eating, grooming), or social skills, and are looking for a therapist or a center to get the right help

For children who:

  • Suffer primarily from psychological challenges (e.g., anxiety or depression) and are in the autism spectrum

  • Have already developed verbal skills

  • Are seeking a therapist for psychological support or counselling

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