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Therapy Care - Rotterdam

Child Psychologist

Our expat psychologists offer therapy to children and adolescents at our office in The Hague or online. We specialize in working with young individuals who are facing challenges such as:

  • anxiety and stress

  • school-related issues

  • low self-esteem

  • sadness and depression

  • OCD and impulsivity

  • phobias

  • undesirable behaviors

  • ADHD

  • autism

  • sleeping problems

  • food selectivity

  • body image challenges

  • school refusal

  • struggles socialising

Adult Psychologist

Our team of expat psychologists provides therapy for adults at our office in The Hague, focusing on assisting individuals dealing with challenges like:

  • anxiety

  • financial or work stress

  • expat-related challenges

  • depression

  • OCD

  • unhealthy habits

  • grief and loss

  • relationship challenges

  • parenting challenges

  • panic disorder

  • insomnia

  • life transition issues

  • loneliness

  • relocation stress

Find us at our office in the centre of Rotterdam located at Wijnhaven 36, 3011 WS Rotterdam, just a 7-minute walk from Rotterdam Blaak.

In addition to therapy at our office, we also offer:

  • online therapy for adolescents and adults

  • school therapy for children

  • home therapy for children


Our team of expat psychologists and child psychologists is committed to offering therapy that is tailor-made to meet your or your child/adolescent's needs.


Contact us now for more information.

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