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Effective and Compassionate Therapy

For Children, Adolescents, and Adults


Our Head Psychologists


Anna Christodoulou

* Expat Psychologist

* MSc - Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

* Young Children and Adolescents


Yiannis Bampaloukas

* Expat Psychologist

* MSc - Mental Health: Psychological Therapies

* Adults and Adolescents

We are certified by leading Certification and Quality Boards
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Honorary Member
(not offering therapy)

Picture of Mr. Poco sitting on a couch

Mr. Poco

* Purr-fessional

Meaw-tivational Coach

* Not offering Therapy

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Child Therapy

Adolescent Therapy

Adult Therapy

Social-Emotional Skills Training Groups

Online Therapy

Family Consultation


The Therapy Process

Free Consultation

First Session

Assessing the Problem

Setting Our Goals

Working towards Our Goals

Assessing the Therapy Outcomes

Concluding the Therapy

Book an online consultation with us. We are happy to respond to any questions you may have and find out if we are a good fit to each other. And if we agree to work together, we send you over the therapeutic contract. If the therapy is for your child or adolescent, we will also provide you with a detailed history form. This will help us better understand the specific challenges, requests, and background involved.

In the first few minutes, we will briefly outline our therapeutic approach and address any questions you or your child might have. Afterward, the stage is yours to share anything you feel is relevant to your concerns, goals, and priorities. We adapt this process to suit children and adolescents.

During the first few sessions, you or your child will be guided to share your challenges, complaints, and history. You will also complete some clinical tools and rating scales, which are aimed to assess the severity and nature of the problem.

We use a goal-oriented approach that requires developing effective skills to cope with difficult thoughts and emotions, as well as cultivating healthy behavioral habits. This will happen at the first stages of our treatment, sometimes even from the first session.

Changing old habits and overcoming challenges will not happen overnight. It requires some effort and practice on your part to develop your newly learned skills, and we are here to support and guide you. With children, we use a play-based approach to work on our goals and build new effective skills. The sooner we begin working towards our goals, the sooner we will start to see results.

We will regularly ask you to complete brief forms and clinical tools to assess your own progress and monitor the results. Particularly in the final stages of our collaboration, we will review all the measures and reflect on our successes together.

Our ultimate goal and desire is to make ourselves unnecessary, as you or your child will have acquired the essential skills to navigate life's challenges. We will plan for a smooth conclusion of our collaboration and discuss the option of follow-up meetings if needed.


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